Oklahoma City Students Enjoy Fun Activities at the Bart & Nadia Sports Experience

BCBSOK was excited to be the Bart & Nadia Sports Experience Gold Medal Sponsor in Oklahoma City on Feb. 12 - 14. The event featured a Kid’s Day on Feb. 12. Five Oklahoma City-area schools were invited to participate in Kid’s Day. More than 250 students were able to enjoy a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.  Many different partners and sponsors came together to provide activities, such as kayaking, judo, tennis, soccer, basketball, rowing, softball, gymnastics and other activities. For many kids invited to the special event, it was their first time to experience a lot of the activities. The kids also listened to inspirational Olympic medalist talk about their experiences and the importance of staying healthy and fit.

Blaze the Braggin’ Blue Dragon also made an appearance for BCBSOK and educated kids on ways to Be Smart - Don’t Start the use of tobacco products. Blaze and his friend talked to kids about ways to say “no” to tobacco products including vaping.

The volunteers and kids had a lot of fun participating in all the activities.

The following day, the Bart & Nadia Sports Experience was open to the public making the event a free family friendly experience featuring sports, nutrition and wellness activities drawing thousands of visitors. Kids who came to the event had the opportunity to participate in the Perfect 10 Fitness Challenge and win their very own gold medal. The same sponsors and partners that participated in Kid’s Day also participated in the public event to provide kids and adults fun and health activities.

 The Oklahoma Caring Van performed more than 60 free youth BMI Screenings, and Mobile Assistance Center was on hand to assist customers with questions, update member addresses, names and check claim statuses. BCBSOK volunteers and staff handed out promotional items and engaged attendees. Volunteers also helped with the Wheel of Health, where young participates could spin the wheel and perform the activity the arrow lands on, such as 10 lunches, 50 jumps with a jump rope and more. Each participate received a small prize after they finished their activity.

BCBSOK had 30 employees volunteer for the Kid’s Day and the public event combined. Everyone involved had a great time interacting with kids and their families.

 This was the sixth consecutive year BCBSOK has participated in this event that helps to encourage children and their families to be active and healthy together. As the state’s oldest and largest health insurer, BCBSOK is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Oklahomans. The Bart & Nadia Sports Experience is a great way to encourage everyone to improve their health and make Oklahoma a healthier place to live and work.