Welcome to the Blaze the Braggin’ Blue Dragon® home page!

Blaze is a healthy role model for big and little kids alike! He prefers to lead by example: Blaze never smokes, eats right, gets plenty of exercise and wants kids to do the same so they can live a healthy and long life! Blaze encourages Oklahoma children to be tobacco-free through his annual Be Smart-Don't Start anti-tobacco program. 

Blaze enjoys exercising along the local bike trails and one of his favorite meals is kale and grilled chicken.  Maybe you can cook a healthy meal like Blaze does! Here are a few of Blaze’s favorite recipes:

  1. Eat Whole Grains for a Healthy Diet (Start with this Easy Recipe)
  2. Quick Bites: Master Making Mirepoix
  3. Quick Bites: Kale, Kale the Gang’s All Here for Green Smoothies
  4. Quick Bites: Cozy Kale and Bean Slow Cooker Soup

Blaze needs your help to share all of his efforts in his community. Volunteering and connecting with his city are both very important parts of Blaze’s life. He gets joy from helping people! Want to know how Blaze gets involved? Check it out:

  1. Exciting Year for Oklahoma Caring Foundation in 2015
  2. Welcome to BCBSOK Connect!
  3. Okies on Spokies