Where to Go for COVID-19 Testing and Vaccines

Where to Go for COVID-19 Testing and Vaccines

Lee esto en EspañolYou know when you aren’t feeling well. Sore throat, achy, sick to your stomach. With the COVID-19 virus spreading quickly, this may be one time you don’t want to “just get through it.” Getting a COVID-19 diagnostic test could help you know what to do and keep from spreading it to others.

As the number of people impacted by COVID-19 in the U.S. continues to grow, it’s important to know what to do and where to go if you need to be tested.

A benefit of having health insurance is being able to rely on the doctors, labs, facilities and drug stores in your health plan’s network. By making sure a testing site or lab is in network, you can be confident that your test will be covered.

If you are a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma member, call Customer Service at the number listed on your member ID card for help finding an in-network testing site near you.

What about getting the COVID-19 vaccines? Do you know when you can get it and where to go?

For other resources and information about COVID-19 and you, visit our COVID-19 website.

Originally published 11/30/2020; Reviewed 2022