Certified Healthy Oklahoma Recognizes BCBSOK with “Excellence” Rating

Certified Healthy Oklahoma Recognizes BCBSOK with “Excellence” Rating

On Jan. 3, 2017, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) received an “Excellent” rating from the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program, the highest level awarded to businesses that uphold a vision of creating healthier places to live, work, learn and play in the state of Oklahoma.

The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program is a free statewide certification program and highlights organizations and communities that are committed to fostering environments that support healthy choices. The program began in 2003, as a collaborative initiative with four founding partners — the Oklahoma Turning Point Council, the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, the Oklahoma State Chamber, and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The program recognizes businesses, campuses, communities, congregations, early childhood programs, restaurants, and schools that are working to enhance the health of Oklahomans by establishing elements, policies, and programs that will assist and challenge Oklahomans to eat better, move more, and be tobacco free.

BCBSOK will be recognized for its achievement at the Certified Healthy Oklahoma awards luncheon on Feb. 27 in Norman. This will mark BCBSOK’s third straight year to be recognized with an “Excellent” rating from the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program.

BCBSOK received an “Excellent” rating by the Certified Healthy Program because of a multi-faceted approach with its health and wellness program.

Through organization support, BCBSOK conducts employee health risk appraisals and assessments, and it also demonstrates organization commitment through worksite health promotion at all levels of management.

Another key element to BCBSOK’s healthy distinction is the company’s tobacco prevention. BCBSOK has a written policy that bans all tobacco use at each worksite, and the company also posts signs displaying information about the tobacco-use policy. To encourage a tobacco-free lifestyle, BCBSOK uses an incentive program to keep non-tobacco users from using tobacco, and it’s also in place to help tobacco users curtail their usage to the point of quitting.

Nutrition is key cog in the health and wellness of BCBSOK employees. Making it imperative to a healthy lifestyle, BCBSOK provides a place to purchase healthy food and beverages at each site, and it has a written nutrition policy to help employees better make food and beverage choices.

Physical Activity is also encouraged for BCBSOK employees, and BCBSOK offers an on-site exercise facility at its downtown Tulsa location. BCBSOK is also a proponent of physical activity breaks throughout the day, incorporating 10-minute physical activity breaks into meetings that last longer than one hour and encouraging employees to engage in walking meetings. BCBSOK sites also have secure bicycle parking for employees.