Familias Saludables Program Makes Positive Impact in Latino Community

Familias Saludables Program Makes Positive Impact in Latino Community

Each year organizations are chosen to receive grants through the Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® (HKHF) program. One of the chosen recipients in 2015 was Latino Community Development Agency (LCDA), a nonprofit in Oklahoma City, whose mission is to improve the quality of life in the Latino community through education, leadership, services and advocacy.

LCDA’s vision for the use of their HKHF grant came in the form of the Familias Saludables program. Familias Saludables connects with clients at LCDA and provides them with tools and skills to improve their health through nutrition, physical activity and preventive health measures.

“Latino Community Development Agency presented a creative approach to improving the health outcomes of the Latino community in Oklahoma City,” said Brooke Townsend, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Director of Community Affairs. “With the Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® grant, LCDA is able to educate individuals to help them to make healthier choices, resulting in healthier lifestyles.”

 The Familias Saludables program has helped dozens of Latino families improve their lifestyles to reflect healthier choices. Families in the program are taught about nutritional values and how to read nutritional labels when grocery shopping. Many were surprised to learn of all the excess sugar, salt and fat that were in foods they normally eat.

In addition to healthier grocery shopping, families have become more active as a result of LCDA’s efforts through the Familias Saludables program. One father was pleased with his weight loss when he changed his eating habits and increased his physical activity. Now he walks every day with his children to spend time together and get good exercise.

Familias Saludables has had a very positive impact on the participants,” said Yuliana Reyes, Latino Community Development Agency Director of Health Programs. “We’re glad to have been selected as a 2015 recipient of the Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® grant so that we could educate our clients about how to make healthier choices.”

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Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® (HKHF) is part of an ongoing commitment to invest in and partner with non-profit organizations that offer sustainable, measurable programs to reach children and their families in four key areas: nutrition, physical activity, preventing and managing disease, and supporting safe environments.