For BCBSOK Members, “Go Green” Saves More Than Trees

For BCBSOK Members, “Go Green” Saves More Than Trees

Think about reusable shopping bags. Remembering to take those with you when you shop can take some getting used to! What happens if stores stop offering paper or plastic bags and you were stuck without anything to carry your purchases? Well, you can end up chasing odd items down the sidewalk or into the crevices of your car when they escape your grasp. Chasing those tiny flying goods can take time. Not to mention, who wants personal items loose for the world to see? 

Everywhere we look, we see signs about how to “go green” to help the environment.  The truth is, “going green” can be bigger than saving trees, and it means more than just going paperless. 

Well, as a BCBSOK member, think of your digital health plan information like those reusable shopping bags. Here’s the good news: going digital just takes a few simple steps, and no remembering! You only need to sign up once to have your health information always on hand. It also helps keep your identity secure, and you stay efficient and organized so you find what you need quickly and easily.

Paperless digital EOBs make it faster to keep track of health care claims.

Why wait at home for your health statements to arrive by snail mail? Now you can view your latest EOBs online as soon as they’re available. You can even choose to get an automatic text alert or email when a claim’s status has changed. 

You can log into your Blue Access for Memberssm (BAMsm) account around the clock. Claims records are available for up to 18 months if needed.

Receiving your health plan information online can keep your health care information organized.

Ever wonder how you’re ever going to store and keep track of all the health care paperwork you get? There’s so much of it and it all seems important. You’re afraid to throw it away because you might need to refer to it again.

There’s an easy, painless way to stay organized, automatically. Simply decide to go digital and view your health plan information online any time – even from your mobile device. Keeping track of your EOBs and expenses is so much easier when they’re organized in one place. There are even ways to sort and search for certain info for yourself or other members on your plan.


 Yes, choosing paperless does reduce the amount of paper we all use.

Paper and postage are expensive. Americans are the biggest users of paper in the world, using up to 700 pounds of paper products per year. The cost per employee for office paper can run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. That’s why we’ve cut way back on paper waste and hope you’ll do the same.

One easy step can make a big difference in health care costs and reducing waste. Simply decide to go paperless and you’ll see the benefits in a lot of different ways. It’s worth saving some trees along the way.

Creating and storing health care documents digitally makes a lot of sense. They’re available online any time – even from your mobile device. If you still want a paper version for any reason, you can access, download and print up to 18 months of claims history as needed.

So just take the simple steps below and go digital today!

  • It’s worth the time to save some time.
  • It’ll be one less thing to worry about!
  • Say goodbye to clutter!
  • And yes, it’s like giving a tree a virtual hug, too!

Here’s how to go digital for your health plan information:

If you already have an account:

  1. Log into Blue Access for Members℠ (BAM℠)
  2. Click on Settings then Preferences in the top navigation bar
  3. Choose Go Paperless. While you’re in BAM, make sure your email and phone number is correct.

If you haven’t signed up for BAM yet:

  1. Have your member ID and group number in hand
  2. Go to the log in screen on our website and click "register now"
  3. Log into BAM
  4. Click on Settings then Preferences in the top navigation bar
  5. Choose Go Paperless

So tell us, why will you go paperless?


Last update: 8/7/2018