Save Time Save Money with BAM! Be the Superhero of Your Health Care Plan

Save Time Save Money with BAM! Be the Superhero of Your Health Care Plan

Take control of your health care with Blue Access for MembersSM (BAMSM). This member website allows you to compare prices, research doctors, hospitals, clinics, medication and procedures all in one place.

The cost-savings tools in your BAMSM account are your SUPERPOWERS to get the most out of your benefits.

What is Blue Access for Members (BAM) and Why Should I Use It?

BAM is your secure member website to get detailed information about your health insurance benefits, account balances, claims status and more. You can also find information on ways to save time and money with health and well-being programs and fitness programs.

How Do I Register for My BAM Account?

To register visit: You will need your BCBSOK Member ID card handy.

What Type of Information Can Be Found on My BAM Account?

You can access specific health plan information, resources and tools such as: 

Is the Information on My BAM Account the Same for Everyone?

Information found on your BAM account is specific to your benefits and coverage.

Is There a Mobile App I Can Use?

Yes, text BCBSOK App to 33633 to download the mobile app or search for BCBSOK in the Apple App Store   or Google Play  . Standard message and data rates may apply.

Asking the Right Questions to Your Doctor Can Save You Time and Money.

Take this card   with you to the doctor's office to help start the conversation.

Know Where to Go for In-network Care.

Download this card   and log into BAM to find in-network doctors, hospitals, urgent cares and Emergency Rooms. Write down your information and keep it near you.

Originally published 9/9/2019; Reviewed 2022