Get to Know Blaze the Dragon

Get to Know Blaze the Dragon

Meet Blaze the Braggin' Blue Dragon!

Blaze is proud to be a smoke-free dragon! He eats right, gets plenty of exercise and wants kids to do the same so they can live a healthy and long life.

As the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma health mascot, Blaze encourages Oklahoma children to be tobacco-free. Check out Blaze the Braggin' Blue Dragon and Spaghetti Eddie in the Be Smart-Don't Start music video leaving site icon and download leaving site icon our anti-tobacco and anti-vaping lesson plans.

Blaze Fun FactsBlaze the Blue Dragon
  • Blaze was born on Dec. 7, 2004
  • Blaze’s shoe size is size 14
  • Blaze's favorite color is green. Just kidding - it's blue!
  • Blaze behaves like many dragons his age. He enjoys exercising along the local bike trails and his favorite movie is the classic “Pete’s Dragon."
Blaze's Tip

Visit your doctor every year and get all your vaccines.

Originally published 8/5/2016; Revised 2021, 2022