Get to Know Blaze the Dragon

Get to Know Blaze the Dragon

Meet Blaze the Braggin' Blue Dragon!

Blaze is proud to be a smoke-free dragon! He eats right and gets plenty of exercise. Blaze wants kids to do the same so they can live a healthy and long life.

As the healthy mascot for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, Blaze encourages Oklahoma children to be tobacco-free. Check out Blaze the Braggin' Blue Dragon and Spaghetti Eddie in the Be Smart-Don't Start music video. leaving site icon Afterward, download leaving site icon our anti-tobacco and anti-vaping lesson plans.

Blaze Fun Facts

Here's a few things we bet you didn't know about your favorite dragon:

Blaze the Blue Dragon
  • Blaze was born on Dec. 7, 2004.
  • Blaze’s shoe size is size 14.
  • Blaze's favorite color is green. Just kidding - it's blue!
  • Blaze behaves like many dragons his age. He enjoys exercising along the local bike trails.
  • Blaze's favorite movie is “Pete’s Dragon."
Blaze's Best Dragon Tip Ever

Visit your doctor every year and get all your vaccines.

Originally published 8/5/2016; Revised 2021, 2022, 2024