AEP Is Around the Corner

October 15 through December 7 is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, when members can determine whether their plan will continue to meet their needs the following year. If so, coverage continues. If unsure, members should refer to their Annual Notice of Change (ANOC). After checking for plan changes, members should look at their often-used benefits, consider those they may need, figure out maximum out-of-pocket costs, and then they should call Blue Cross and Blue Shield for help in possibly adjusting their Medicare plan.

Show Transcript

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period or AEP starts on October 15th, and runs through December 7th. It's your once-a-year opportunity to make adjustments to your existing Medicare plan. If you're not sure where to start, here are three easy steps you can take to help you decide if your current plan meets your needs for the upcoming year. Step one. Start by reviewing your ANOC or Annual Notice of Change for any updates made to your plan. Step two. Determine whether your plan fits your current needs. If you believe your plan meets your needs, you're all set. Your coverage will continue without interruption, and your new plan benefits will begin on January 1st. If you're unsure, start by making a list of your current benefits, beginning with the ones you use most and any additional benefits you may need, since you last reviewed your plan. Be sure to review your supplemental benefits such as vision care, rewards program, fitness and other features included. These can make a difference in the plan you select. You'll also want to look at your maximum out-of-pocket cost, so you're prepared and know what your plan premium, hospital inpatient deductible, and copay and coinsurance costs will be for the upcoming year. Finally, for step three, you'll want to contact us or your local licensed authorized agent, if you are unsure your plan has the benefits you need. Our product specialist can walk you through your plan and compare it to other plans. We can help you decide whether your current plan is still the best option for the benefits most important to you, or help you choose a plan that better fits your needs. If you have questions about AEP or your plan, please contact us at this phone number. Visit this address or contact your local licensed authorized agent. And remember, we're here to help you live your blue life.