How to update your PCP or Medical Group

Q. How do I change my PCP or Medical Group?

A. To change your primary care provider (PCP) or medical group (MG) for your HMO plan you can sign in to your Blue Access for Members account and click on the Doctors and Hospitals tab. You can use the Provider Finder tool to locate providers in your area and, when you’re ready to make your selection, you can click the Change MG or Change PCP option and follow the prompts to choose your new provider. After you’ve completed this process we’ll update our files and send you a new identification card showing your new selection.

If you have any questions about changing your PCP or medical group (HMO members only) or need assistance making the change you can contact our customer service department through the Message Center on Blue Access or at the number on the back of your identification card.

If you’re on an HMO plan take a minute to look at your Blue Access for Members account to make sure your PCP or medical group designation is showing the right provider.

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