Ghoulishly Good Tips for a Healthy and Safe Halloween

Ghoulishly Good Tips for a Healthy and Safe Halloween

The words Halloween and healthy don’t usually get talked about in the same sentence for obvious reasons. Halloween one time during the year when kids let loose and eat as much candy as they can get their hands on, but, it is possible to give your kids a fun and healthy Halloween!

  Here are a few tips to help keep your kids safe and healthy as they go trick-or-treating this year.

Feed the little monsters before they go trick-or-treating
If your kids eat a healthy, well-balanced meal before they head out the door so they’ll be full and eat fewer pieces of candy afterward.

Don’t let your kids trick-or-treat alone
Make sure an adult stays with younger kids on their neighborhood rounds. Encourage your older kids to trick-or-treat in a group. Set rules about how far they can go and by what time they need to be home.

Put reflective tape on your kids’ costumes
Decorate your kids’ costumes with reflective tape or stickers so that they stay visible when it starts to get dark outside. You can also give them glow sticks, necklaces or bracelets to wear – a fun way to help them stay safe after dark!

Small bags for small hands 
Give your kids a smaller bag or bucket when they go trick-or-treating to limit the amount of candy they’ll collect and eat. A good cover story: tell them it’s easier on their small hands.

Portion out the candy
When your kids get home from trick-or-treating talk to them about how much candy they can have per day or per week. Go through their candy with them and separate it into agreed upon serving sizes. If you hear some moaning, point out that the candy will last longer.

Keep the candy stash out of sight
After Halloween is over, take the leftover candy from your kids and keep it in a hard-to-reach spot so that it’s out of sight. Your children will be less likely to ask for treats if they can’t see them.

The key to a healthy Halloween is to prevent your kids from overindulging. They can still enjoy some sweets and treats, but in moderation. Do you have any tips you can share that keep your kids healthy during the Halloween season?

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