Skip a Trip to the Doctor’s Office with an In-Home Assessment

Skip a Trip to the Doctor’s Office with an In-Home Assessment

A trip to the doctor’s office takes time away from your everyday life. You may have to arrange a ride or cancel other plans. For Medicare Advantage members, an in-home health assessment can let you get the health check you need while saving you time and hassle.

What is an in-home health assessment?

A special offering for Medicare Advantage members, an in-home assessment is a “bonus” preventive checkup that looks at your total health and wellbeing. It is meant to help your primary care provider (PCP) manage your care.

Visits usually last about an hour. During you in-home assessment, you will:

  • Meet one-on-one with a doctor or nurse practitioner in the privacy of your home.
  • Have your vital signs checked and be screened for common health issues.
  • Discuss your health history and any new concerns.
  • Review the medicines you take.

If you have a family member who helps manage your health, they are welcome to attend.

After the visit, you’ll get a written report about everything covered, along with advice on any other care you may need to talk about with your doctor.

Why should I have an in-home health assessment?

In-home health assessments get you better in tune with your health needs. You may learn things about your health that you never thought about before. This can help you be more prepared for your next doctor’s visit.

In-home health assessments are also a great chance to catch any health issues early — even if you’re healthy. This is very important for people who don’t see a doctor often.

Your participation won’t affect your health plan coverage or any care you’re getting from your doctor. Plus, there is no cost for the visit.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma Medicare Advantage members can schedule an in-home health assessment by calling Signify Health toll-free at 844-837-8178 (TTY users should call 711), Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Signify Health is an independent company that provides care management activities and member care services for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma.
Signify Health does not offer Blue Products or Services. BCBSOK makes no endorsement, representations or warranties regarding third-party vendors and the products and services offered by them.
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Originally published 2/25/2020; Revised 2021