What is Connect?

During girls’ night out, Marissa and her friends discuss their desire to be healthier. As a Customer Advocate, Marissa shows them the Connect blog, a platform that offers articles on health and wellness, fitness and more. Register or log in to comment and engage with the community.

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Originally published 12/11/2020; Video revised 6/2023

Show Transcript

SPEAKER 1: So glad we could get together.

SPEAKER 2: Me too! Your salad looks so good. How's your change to a healthier lifestyle going?

SPEAKER 3: Good. But I've read a lot of contradictions online about what to eat and what workouts to do. It gets confusing so I'm looking for a new blog.

SPEAKER 1: Oh, you should look at the Connect blog on the Blue Cross and Blue Shield website. It's filled with health tips.It has a lot of great information about living a healthier lifestyle for all ages and look, this one talks about the importance of sleep.

SPEAKER 3: Does it have any articles about exercise?

SPEAKER 1: Yeah it even gives tips about staying fit on vacation and during the winter. I've recommended Connect to a lot of our members and it's really helped them live a healthier lifestyle.

SPEAKER 2: This blog gives tips on running a 5K and I've been meaning to run one so this would be really helpful.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, Connect offers a variety of information, from dealing with asthma to family exercise activities and even taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally.

SPEAKER 3: Awesome! I can't wait to read those, thank you.


SPEAKER 2:  Hey! Speaking of vacations are you excited about your vacation, Marissa?

SPEAKER 1: Yes! Oh, I'm looking forward to relaxing.

SPEAKER 3: I'm looking forward to the phone call about Travis proposing.

SPEAKER 1: Oh! We'll just have to see!