Dual Coverage

Would a child on their parent's plan be removed if they become eligible through their current employer's health insurance plan? More specifically, could said child only sign up for their new employer's dental and vision plan but opt out of the employer's medical plan while staying on their parent's BCBSOK Medical/Dental/Vision plan? I know that I can stay on my parent's plan due to the health insurance reform act, but am I allowed to double dip just on dental & vision?

  • Hello, You can have coverage both as a subscriber on a policy and as a dependent on another policy. The policy that you are subscriber on would pay as the primary insurer and the policy where you are a dependent would pay as a secondary insurer. ~ HC

  • I'm only going to become a subscriber on a Dental & Vision policy through my employer. The policy on which I'm a dependent, is a Medical and a Dental & Vision policy. Will my primary medical sill be that of my dependant? Making the only primary policy I have is the dental & vision that I am subscribing to.

    Explaining in text is hard, please review the chart below and let me know if that is correct.


    Primary: My Parent's Policy

    Secondary: N/A

    Dental & Vision:

    Primary: My new policy, I will be the subscriber

    Secondary: My Parent's Policy

  • That is correct. If you do not purchase a medical plan through your employer, then your parent's policy will be primary. For your dental and vision coverage your plan will be primary and your parent's plan will be secondary. ~ HC

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