Check Your Updated Drug List

Check Your Updated Drug List

Medicines play a major role in preventing and treating many health problems. That is why a prescription drug benefit is included in most health plans.

Many Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma plans have a prescription drug list (also known as a formulary), a regularly updated list of covered drugs available to you.

Care and treatment decisions are between you and your doctor. However, doctors are encouraged to prescribe medicines that are on the drug list. This helps keep your out-of-pocket costs low. We encourage you to show the drug list to your doctor and pharmacist.

Keep in mind that your prescription drug benefits are subject to the terms of your health plan.

Which Drug List Applies to Me?

The prescription drug lists are specific to your benefit plan. You can always view the most updated prescription drug lists in the Member Services section of our website.

If you have questions about which medicines are covered by your benefit plan or which drug list applies to you, call the customer service number on your member ID card.

You can also access your pharmacy benefit information 24/7 on   Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can log in to and:

  • Search for medications, check coverage and review prescription history
  • Get real-time cost estimates, including possible cost savings
  • Review any medication special requirements and limitations
  • Learn about drug interactions or potential side effects
  • Find in-network pharmacies near you
  • Get forms you might need
  • Learn more about your pharmacy benefits
You May be Able to Save Money with Generic Drugs

Prescription drugs may be a big part of your health care costs. You may be able to lower your out-of-pocket costs by choosing generic drugs. Find out if generic drugs are right for you.

Originally published 12/16/2019; Revised 2021, 2022, 2023