Self-Management Programs: Managing Your Stress

Self-Management Programs: Managing Your Stress

Stress has a way of rearing its ugly head. It comes in many different forms and from different areas of your life.

Too much work? Not enough “me-time?” Too many commitments? Sometimes, stress can be overwhelming. When it is, your body  often pays the toll. Anxiety, low energy, body aches, chest pains, headaches,  trouble sleeping, and more.

Luckily, help is here. The Well onTarget® portal offers self-management programs, tips, techniques and resources to help you fend off stress.

Our digital self-management programs include:

  • Interactive courses with content and learning activities that focus on behavioral changes that reinforce healthier habits.
  • Educational courses that help you recognize symptoms, understand your treatment options, and make positive lifestyle changes.

Both allow individuals to study at their own pace when it’s convenient for them.

Designed for people who struggle with high levels of uncontrolled stress, the program shares strategies and relaxation techniques to better control stress triggers and symptoms.

Best of all, these programs make it easy to learn. All of the content is based on recommendations from accredited programs and guidelines.

The courses are easy to access through the Well onTarget Member Portal at leaving site icon You can also use the mobile app, AlwaysOn®, to register for the digital self-management programs.

Ready to calm the chaos? Sign up today at wellontarget.comleaving site icon

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Originally published 2/15/2019; Revised 2022