Telemedicine: The Modern-Day House Call

Telemedicine: The Modern-Day House Call

You and your doctor have busy schedules and that might make you think you don’t have time to get an appointment. Thanks to telemedicine, seeing a doctor when you’re ready can happen now, thanks to telemedicine.

Why not use your phone when you need to see a doctor? In today’s tech world, you may stay tele-healthy.

Meet Telemedicine

The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) shares telemedicine is the use of digital tools to provide medical care from a distance.

In fact, telemedicine has become a more well-known way for patients to seek care over the last few years
Telemedicine may also provide the same reliability as an in-person visit. The ATA continues, “…around the world, millions of patients use telemedicine to monitor their vital signs, remain healthy and out of hospitals and emergency rooms.” If you opt in, your telemedicine doctor may also share diagnoses with your main doctor.

You may get interactive care through:

  • Smart phone
  • Mobile App
  • Online Video
  • The web

While it’s not a cure all, telemedicine helps provide care without limits of distance and time. Often times, visits can happen within minutes.

“It’s 3:00 a.m. and I’ve got a sore throat!”

Telemedicine is great for unexpected sickness. The ATA says  that one of the advantages of telemedicine is “24/7 access to a health professional.”

24/7 access? Yes! If your health care plan provides telemedicine benefits and you have your smart phone nearby, you can interact with an independently contracted doctor around-the-clock. Did your child wake up with a fever? Come down with the flu while away from home? Oftentimes, non-emergency issues can be treated through telemedicine.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK)’s Telemedicine Solution
Virtual Visits, powered by MDLIVE

Some BCBSIL members may be able to use Virtual Visits, powered by MDLIVE.

Independently contracted, board-certified MDLIVE doctors offer consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via mobile app, online video or phone.1 You may receive treatment for many non-emergency medical conditions whileat home or on the go.

In some cases, interacting with an MDLIVE doctor may be less costly and more convenient than going to urgent care or the ER.  They may also write — and send — prescriptions (when appropriate) to a nearby pharmacy.2

Common uses for virtual visits are:

In the end, seeing a doctor through your computer or phone might not be your thing.  But, But, hey, it’s a option if you can’t get to your doctor’s office.

You may have the choice of an in-home visit feeling in this growing digital world! Find out if your coverage includes Virtual Visits, powered by MDLIVE by logging into Blue Access for MembersSM  (BAMSM).

1 Internet/Wi-Fi connection is needed for computer access. Data charges may apply.   Check your phone carrier’s plan for details. Non-emergency medical service in Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico is limited to interactive audio/video (video only), along with the ability to prescribe.  Non-emergency medical service in Arkansas is limited to interactive audio/video (video only) for initial consultation, along with the ability to prescribe.  Behavioral Health service is limited to interactive audio/video (video only), along with the ability to prescribe in all states.  Service availability depends on location at the time of consultation.

2 Virtual Visits, Powered by MDLIVE may not be available on all plans. Virtual Visits are subject to the terms and conditions of your benefit plan, including benefits, limitations, and exclusions.   MDLIVE operates subject to state regulations and may not be available in certain states. MDLIVE is not an insurance product nor a prescription fulfillment warehouse. MDLIVE does not guarantee that a prescription will be written. MDLIVE does not prescribe DEA-controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs that may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. MDLIVE physicians reserve the right to deny care for potential misuse of services. 

MDLIVE operates and administers the virtual visit program and is solely responsible for its operations and that of its contracted providers. MDLIVE and the MDLIVE logo are registered trademarks of MDLIVE, Inc. and may not be used without written permission.

Blue Cross®, Blue Shield® and the Cross and Shield Symbols are registered service marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans.